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Web Phone index.htmlweb phone index.html file
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
<title>Lola's Web Phone!</title>
<meta property="og:title" content="Teleprompter!">
<meta name="twitter:card" content="summary_large_image">
<meta name="twitter:site" content="@lady_ada_king">
<meta name="twitter:creator" content="@lady_ada_king">
<meta property="og:url" content="">
<meta property="og:description" content="Cast your computer to your phone or tablet to use it in a teleprompter">
<meta name="description" content="Cast your computer to your phone or tablet to use it in a teleprompter"/>
<!-- <meta property="og:image" content=""> -->
<!-- import the webpage's stylesheet -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/index.css">
<link rel="manifest" href="/manifest.json">
<!-- import the webpage's javascript file -->
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src="script.js" defer></script>
<div class="container">
<h1>Phone a friend</h1>
<p id="caststatus" class="big">
Please use headphones!
<button class="call-btn">
<section class="call-container" hidden>
<div class="audio-container">
<p>You're automatically muted, unmute yourself!</p>
<audio controls id="remoteAudio" muted="true"></audio>
<audio controls id="localAudio" muted="true"></audio>
<button class="hangup-btn">
Hang up
<section class="modal" hidden>
<div id="close">
<div class="inner-modal">
<label>Give us your friend's device ID</label>
<input placeholder="Enter your friend's device ID" aria-colcount="10">
<button class="connect-btn" >
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