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A snippet of R showing how to access a CKAN portal via its API, in this case
# Initialise the CKAN library with a remote portal
ckanr_setup(url = "")
# Run a search to get some data packages
x <- package_search(q = 'name:arbeitslosenquote', rows = 1)
# Note that on the Swiss server the titles are multilingual
# Get the URL of the first resource in the first package
tsv_url <- x$results[[1]]$resources[[1]]$download_url
# Download the remote (Tab Separated Values) data file
# ..and parse it in one step
raw_data <- read.csv(tsv_url, header=T, sep="\t")
# Draw a simple plot of the first and second column
plot(raw_data[,2], raw_data[,1], type="b")
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