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Created Jun 10, 2018
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Options for goo blobs
options: {
canvasSelector: '', // to find <canvas> in DOM to draw on
radiusRange: [75, 150], // random range of body radii
xVarianceRange: [-1, 1], // random range of x velocity scaling on bodies
yVarianceRange: [0.5, 1.5], // random range of y velocity scaling on bodies
airFriction: 0.04, // air friction of bodies
opacity: 1, // opacity of bodies
collisions: false, // do bodies collide or pass through
scrollVelocity: 0.015, // scaling of scroll delta to velocity applied to bodies
pixelsPerBody: 50000, // viewport pixels required for each body added
// colors to cycle through to fill bodies
colors: ['#bad4cf']
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