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Created June 17, 2014 18:20
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Rails JSON file upload with carrierwave (from base64 string)
class Api::UploadsController < ApiController
def create
@upload =
def upload_params
the_params = params.require(:upload).permit(:file)
the_params[:file] = parse_image_data(the_params[:file]) if the_params[:file]
def parse_image_data(base64_image)
filename = "upload-image"
in_content_type, encoding, string = base64_image.split(/[:;,]/)[1..3]
@tempfile =
@tempfile.write Base64.decode64(string)
# for security we want the actual content type, not just what was passed in
content_type = `file --mime -b #{@tempfile.path}`.split(";")[0]
# we will also add the extension ourselves based on the above
# if it's not gif/jpeg/png, it will fail the validation in the upload model
extension = content_type.match(/gif|jpeg|png/).to_s
filename += ".#{extension}" if extension{
tempfile: @tempfile,
content_type: content_type,
filename: filename
def clean_tempfile
if @tempfile
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melcher commented Feb 11, 2015

This idea was turned into a gem as well

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@ifightcrime In what format should we send the file data in the JSON?
For instance my JSON looks like-
{ "content": { "asset": "data:application/pdf;base64,(L2hvbWUvbW9qby9Eb3dubG9hZHMvYm9va2UucGRm)" } }

Is this correct?

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Hey @ifightcrime I was able to make it work by changing line 23 of code
@tempfile.write Base64.decode64(string) to this
Is this approach correct?

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txssseal commented Apr 7, 2016


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FYI, ActionDispatch::Http::UploadedFile expects type not content_type.{
  tempfile: @tempfile,
  type: content_type,
  filename: filename

Seems weird, I know. But it is what it is.

Thanks, by the way. This was really helpful.

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@adamcrown Thank you for the useful info :)

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