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Brew Install My Dev Environment for macOS High Sierra - Slack, Docker, iTerm, IntelliJ, Google, SourceTree, Spotify, etc.
## Install applications via brew cask
brew_install() {
execute="$(brew cask install $1 2>&1)"
case $execute in
*Warning*|*Error*) echo "Warning while installing $1: $execute" ;;
*successfully*) echo "$execute \n Installed $1." ;;
*) echo "$execute \n Something went wrong while installing $1." ;;
check_before_install() {
## Test for existence of the application
if [[ -n $(find $APP_FOLDER_LOCATION -iname $ ]]; then
echo "$1 is already installed. Run - brew cask reinstall <cask-name> - to resinstall the cask."
case $1 in
Slack) brew_install slack;;
Docker) brew_install docker;;
iTerm) brew_install iterm2;;
Google\ Chrome) brew_install google-chrome;;
IntelliJ\ Idea) brew_install intellij-idea;;
Sourcetree) brew_install sourcetree;;
Spotify) brew_install spotify;;
Sequel\ Pro) brew_install sequel-pro;;
Visual\ Studio\ Code) brew_install visual-studio-code;;
*) echo "Add $1 to check_before_install() to install additional applications." ;;
## Add the application name to the switch case statement, then pass the cask-name to the brew_install function
## For example: Skype) brew_install skype
## Search for brew casks at
# Install Terraform
execute="$(brew install terraform 2>&1)"
case $execute in
*brew\ link*)
echo $execute
read -r -p "${1:-Terraform already exists, would you like to overwrite it? [y/N]} " response
case "$response" in
$(brew link --overwrite terraform);;
echo "Not overwriting terraform.";;
*Warning*|*Error*) echo $execute ;;
*Summary*) echo "$execute \n Installed Terraform." ;;
*) echo "$execute \n Something went wrong while installing $1." ;;
# Install homebrew
install_homebrew_if_not_present() {
echo "Checking for homebrew installation"
which -s brew
if [[ $? != 0 ]] ; then
echo "Homebrew not found. Installing..."
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
echo "Homebrew already installed! Updating..."
brew update
# Main body of script starts here
## Install brew and brew cask
brew update
brew tap caskroom/cask
brew tap caskroom/versions
brew doctor
## Applications we will install with `brew cask install`
## additional applications can be added here if you wish to install them
declare -a applications=( Spotify Sourcetree Slack Docker iTerm "IntelliJ Idea" "Google Chrome" "Sequel Pro" "Visual Studio Code" )
## Check if the application is already installed, install if it's not
for element in ${applications[*]}
check_before_install $element
## Install Terraform
## Install other miscellaneous tools
brew install git
brew install python #python 3
brew install pyenv
brew install node
brew install coreutils
brew cask install java8
#brew cask install java || if you want the latest version of java
brew install maven
brew install awscli
npm install -g serverless
brew install packer
brew install python2 #python2.7
brew install telnet
## Install oh-my-zsh for iTerm
sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

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Owner Author

commented Apr 5, 2018

Installs: Slack, Docker, iTerm, IntelliJ, Google, SourceTree, Spotify, git, python, node, java8, coreutils and Terraform


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Owner Author

commented Apr 24, 2018

installs maven, awscli, serverless, packer, py2, telnet


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commented Apr 27, 2018

you should probably add phpStorm to the mix as well

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