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misc cheatsheet

Misc cheatsheet

youtube-dl to download videos and extract audio.

$ youtube-dl -x --audio-format mp3 --audio-quality 320k --embed-thumbnail -a uris.txt


set SRC=C:\Users\someuser\Documents
set DST=D:\someuser_Documents
robocopy %SRC% %DST% /E /Z /R:0 /TS /LOG+C:\Users\someuser\log.txt /TEE /XJ


Prefer array of maps to map of maps. That is, instead of having

    title: Title 0
    path: /tmp/title0
    title: Title 1
    path: /tmp/title1

use something like

- title: Title 0
  path: /tmp/title0
  key: key0
- title: Title 1
  path: /tmp/title1
  key: key1

QR encoding/decoding

$ qrencode -o $out -s 20 -m 0 -t PNG -c ''


Zip directories

zip -r $zipf name00* name01*

List zip file contents

unzip -l $zipf
vim $zipf
less $zipf
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