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Additional buttons for the Event Espresso 4 flexible payment method

Here are some extra buttons for the Flexible payment method for Event Espresso 4.

Codebase 5836

Offline Payments -

Pay at Event -

Pay at Class -

Pay by Phone -

Here are the steps to replace your existing button for your flexible payment method with a new one.

First, download one of the buttons above and note the location on your computer. Then login to your WP-admin (WP Dashboard) and go to Event Espresso --> General Settings --> Payment Methods. Once on the Payment Methods screen, click on Flexible. Then scroll to the Button URL setting and click on the small grey and white square next to the existing URL. Click on the Select Files button. Then browse to the button image on your computer and upload it. Then select it and finally save changes to the payment method by clicking on the Update button.

Need a different button? Create a support post in our support forums to request one:

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