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Created Apr 20, 2016
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mkdir -p ./rs/
for semester in $(seq -f "%02g" 4 15); do
wget -O ./rs/20${semester}_SS_aufgaben.pdf --user "rs" --password "rechner.strukturen"${semester}/kl/aufgaben.pdf ;
wget -O ./rs/20${semester}_WS_aufgaben.pdf --user "rs" --password "rechner.strukturen"${semester}/kl/aufgaben.pdf ;
wget -O ./rs/20${semester}_SS_loesung.pdf --user "rs" --password "rechner.strukturen"${semester}/kl/loesung.pdf ;
wget -O ./rs/20${semester}_WS_loesung.pdf --user "rs" --password "rechner.strukturen"${semester}/kl/loesung.pdf ;
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