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Created April 4, 2023 09:00
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Clear the closeAuthority on a token account
import { createSetAuthorityInstruction, AuthorityType } from '@solana/spl-token';
import { Transaction } from '@solana/web3.js';
const instruction = createSetAuthorityInstruction(
const transaction = new Transaction().add(instruction);
const { blockhash } = await connection.getLatestBlockhash();
transaction.recentBlockhash = blockhash;
transaction.feePayer = payer.publicKey;
const signature = await connection.sendTransaction(tx, [payer, closeAuthority]);
await connection.confirmTransaction(signature);
import { setAuthority, AuthorityType } from '@metaplex-foundation/mpl-essentials';
import { none } from '@metaplex-foundation/umi';
await setAuthority(umi, {
owned: token.publicKey,
owner: closeAuthority,
authorityType: AuthorityType.CloseAccount,
newAuthority: none(),
// See a working example in the following test:
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