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PHP 5.3 vs PHP 5.4
5.3.12 5.4.3
Run 1 2.07883811 0.94130707
Run 2 2.03927302 0.96553779
Run 3 2.03478503 0.96503210
Run 4 2.05938697 0.94606614
Run 5 2.04912210 0.95049596
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goatherd commented Jun 25, 2012

Could you provide what was tested, please?

Knowing PHP 5.4 there is a lot of difference. Iteration for example is quiet similar in terms of speed, whereas $obj->key and $obj->key = $value are slightly faster in comparision.

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lornajane commented Jun 25, 2012

This is just the verbose data from the blog post I wrote which includes what was run and my thoughts on this:

The data above is meaningless on its own, I'm not sure how it was linked to directly :)

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goatherd commented Jun 25, 2012

Thank you. Can't see how it worked, but google seems to like it a lot.

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