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WebAssembly VM Benchmarks

Test cases are here.

Pollard Rho Factoring (128-bit)

Test case: pollard_rho_128

Life (JIT enabled):

return value = 2635722126511989555, duration = 1.423329989s

real	0m1.672s
user	0m1.549s
sys	0m0.234s

Life (Interpreter only):

return value = 2635722126511989555, duration = 1.944211748s

real	0m2.178s
user	0m2.263s
sys	0m0.012s


app_main() i64 => 2635722126511989555 (uint64)

real	0m4.349s
user	0m4.462s
sys	0m0.027s


Result: Ok(Some(I64(2635722126511989555)))

real	0m4.852s
user	0m4.837s
sys	0m0.006s

Snappy Compress

Test case: snappy_compress

Life (JIT enabled):

return value = 393476, duration = 811.148389ms

real	0m1.072s
user	0m0.973s
sys	0m0.178s

Life (Interpreter only):

return value = 393476, duration = 2.710492104s

real	0m2.977s
user	0m3.006s
sys	0m0.031s


app_main() i32 => 393476 (uint32)

real	0m5.443s
user	0m5.448s
sys	0m0.043s


Result: Ok(Some(I32(393476)))

real	0m7.017s
user	0m6.983s
sys	0m0.020s

Fibonacci (recursive)

Test case: fib_recursive

Life (JIT enabled):

return value = 9227465, duration = 3.649676997s

real	0m3.898s
user	0m4.041s
sys	0m0.057s

Life (Interpreter only):

return value = 9227465, duration = 2.831716826s

real	0m3.071s
user	0m3.199s
sys	0m0.030s


app_main() i32 => 9227465 (uint32)

real	0m6.204s
user	0m6.361s
sys	0m0.039s


Result: Ok(Some(I32(9227465)))

real	0m5.811s
user	0m5.789s
sys	0m0.013s

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@pepyakin pepyakin commented Aug 2, 2018

Hello @losfair! Could you tell what version of wasmi you used for the benchmarks?

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