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My attempt at working with the Reddit API
import requests
import time
import json
import urllib
import os
class RedditCrypto:
def __init__(self):
self.username = ""
self.password = ""
self.subReddit = ""
self.message = None
self.key = None
self.client = requests.session()
self.debugWindow = None
self.captcha = None
self.iden = None
self.sessionCookie = None
self.loggedIn = False
# Setters
def setCredentials(self, username, password):
self.username = str(username)
self.password = str(password)
def setDebugWindow(self, debugWindow):
self.debugWindow = debugWindow
def setCaptchaCall(self, captcha):
self.captcha = captcha
# Action functions
def login(self, userName='', passWord=''):
print 'Attempting login!'
if userName:
self.username = str(userName)
if passWord:
self.password = str(passWord)
if not self.username or not self.password:
print 'Please enter a username or password'
return 1
if self.debugWindow:
userData = {'user': self.username, 'passwd': self.password, 'api_type': 'json',}
headers = {'user-agent': 'Reddit Crypto V0.1',}
self.client.headers = headers
reply ='', data=userData)
jData = json.loads(reply.text)
if jData['json']['errors']:
print 'Something has gone wrong'
print jData['json']['errors'][0][0]
return 1
self.client.modhash = jData['json']['data']['modhash']
self.client.user = self.username
self.sessionCookie = {'reddit_session': jData['json']['data']['cookie']}
print 'Login Successful for account ' + self.username + '.'
self.loggedIn = True
return 0
# Post!
def post(self, message, subReddit, response):
self.message = str(message)
self.subReddit = str(subReddit)
captcha = str(response)
url = ''
params = None
if self.iden:
params = { 'uh': str(self.client.modhash),
'title': 'OMG POST',
'captcha': captcha,
'kind': 'self',
'iden': str(self.iden),
'sr': self.subReddit,
'text': self.message
print 'Post Captcha'
print params
params = { 'kind': 'self',
'sr': self.subReddit,
'text': self.message,
'title': 'OMG POST',
'uh': self.client.modhash,
reply =, params=params, cookies=self.sessionCookie)
jData = None
jData = json.loads(reply.text)
except ValueError:
print 'The reply from the server wasn\'t right so I don\'t know what to do with it.'
print reply
print reply.text
return 1
print 'Something I don\'t know how to handle happened.'
print reply
print reply.text
return 1
if 'error' in jData:
print 'Server has responded with an error'
print jData['error']
elif 'BAD_CAPTCHA' in jData['jquery'][12][3][0]:
print 'Captcha required!'
reply ='')
jData = json.loads(reply.text)
self.iden = jData['jquery'][11][3][0]
url = '' + self.iden + '.png'
if self.captcha:
captchaReply = urllib.urlopen(url)
captchaData =
myCaptcha = open(self.iden + '.png', 'wb')
self.captcha(os.getcwd() + '/' + self.iden + '.png')
os.remove(os.getcwd() + '/' + self.iden + '.png')
print url
response = raw_input('Captcha: ')
return, self.subReddit, response)
print 'Post successful!'
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