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data = '''\
A, B, C
A, C, E
E, F, D
D, A, J
E, D, J'''
import itertools, collections
print "\n".join([" "+", ".join(a + (str(b),)) for (a,b) in sorted(collections.Counter(sum([list(itertools.combinations(sorted(x.strip().split(', ')), 2)) for x in data.split('\n')], [])).items(), key=lambda t: t[0])])
A, B, 1
A, C, 2
A, D, 1
A, E, 1
A, J, 1
B, C, 1
C, E, 1
D, E, 2
D, F, 1
D, J, 2
E, F, 1
E, J, 1
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