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#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
for x in sys.stdin:
t = x.rstrip().split("\t")
if len(t) != 2:
print x,
ch = t[0].decode('utf8')
if len(ch) != 1:
print "ERROR: %s" % x,
code = ord(ch)
ext = ''
if code >= 0x3400 and code <= 0x4DBF:
ext = '{A}'
elif code >= 0x20000 and code <= 0x2A6DF:
ext = '{B}'
elif code >= 0x2A700 and code <= 0x2B73F:
ext = '{C}'
elif code >= 0x2B740 and code <= 0x2B81F:
ext = '{D}'
print t[0] + "\t" + ext + t[1]

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@LEOYoon-Tsaw LEOYoon-Tsaw commented May 19, 2013


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