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Proposal of Rime config subtree loading
# Rime schema: luna_pinyin
# _import: future.schema.yaml
# no more need to create the patched file
_patch: 'luna_pinyin.custom.yaml:patch'
_import: luna_pinyin.prototype.yaml # replace the root node
# this patch is uninteresting, just for comparison to _import
translator/dictionary: luna_pinyin.extra
_import: # this seems flawed. child nodes aren't there while processing the root node
punctuator: 'default.yaml:punctuator'
recognizer: 'default.yaml:recognizer'
reverse_lookup/dictionary: translator/dictionary
_import: 'default.yaml:punctuator' # (1)
_import: 'symbols.yaml:punctuator/half_shape'
'/': 'Overwritten'
import_preset: default # same as (1)

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lotem commented Mar 23, 2015


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