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multiselect public methods
// You must init the multiple select with $('#your-select').multiSelect() before calling one of the following methods
$('#your-select').multiSelect('select', 'value'); // Select the item with the value given in parameter
$('#your-select').multiSelect('deselect', 'value'); // Deselect the item with the value given in parameter
$('#your-select').multiSelect('select_all', true); // Select all elements. If parameter visible set to true, it will select only visible items. Otherwise it will also select hidden items
$('#your-select').multiSelect('deselect_all'); // Deselect all items previously selected
$('#your-select').multiSelect('refresh'); // Refresh current multiselect. It will re-init the multiselect based on the <select> element (useful for when select is update through Ajax)
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