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Last active Jun 9, 2016
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  • Use a set-based filesystem (instead of directory based). These would act like tags. Sets generated from predicates would also be handled by the filesystem (when used), for example ?modified>yesterday, ?size<1M. These could also include file extensions.

    vlc media,?modified>yesterday

    for files in the set 'media' which were modified since yesterday, and

    vim >>modified

    for the most recently modified file (by the user). Perhaps don't use '>' since bash will not like it.

  • Give programs only restrictive access - just because I started firefox doesn't mean I want it to have write access to all of my files

  • Check-word for repositories, separated by a '#' symbol (usage optional). This is compatible with URLs

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milesrout commented Jun 9, 2016

In fact, Firefox should have access to basically everything except my files.

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