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Louis Warren louisswarren

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louisswarren / Makefile
Last active Jun 15, 2020
Farbfeld test
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CC = gcc
CFLAGS = -fopenmp -lm -std=c99 -pedantic -Wall
TARGETS = abstract.ff
.PHONY: default
default: $(TARGETS) $(TARGETS:.ff=.png)
%.png: %.ff
ff2png < $< > $@

Python Proposals

cast decorator

The common python pattern

def foo():
    tmp = []
louisswarren /
Last active May 8, 2020
Cast using python type annotations
def cast(f):
returns = f.__annotations__['return']
if callable(returns):
casters = returns,
casters = reversed(returns)
def inner(*args, **kwargs):
r = f(*args, **kwargs)
for caster in casters:
r = caster(r)
from collections import namedtuple
from enum import Enum
import random
compose = lambda f: lambda g: lambda *a, **k: f(g(*a, **k))
class Face(Enum):
ACE = 'A'
TWO = '2'

ffmpeg notes

I often want to do something that I believe is non-trivial in ffmpeg, only to discover that it is actually very simple, if only I had known how to do it. I even end up writing wrappers to do simple things, because I keep forgetting what to do. However, this file is my new solution: simply write my own documentation for things I would occasionally like to do.

import heapq
class Task:
def __init__(self, time):
self.time = time
def __lt__(self, other):
return self.time < other.time
def __repr__(self):
louisswarren /
Last active Mar 13, 2020
Spite in python
import curses
BOX = {
'light': ('┌───┐',
'│ │',
'│ │',
'heavy': ('┏━━━┓',
louisswarren /
Last active Mar 7, 2020
Menus with curses in python
import curses
class Menu:
def __init__(self, y, x, options):
self.y = y
self.x = x
self.options = options
self.height = len(options)
self.width = max(len(opt) for opt in options) = curses.newwin(self.height + 2, self.width + 8, y, x)
louisswarren / bug-2-6-1.agda
Last active Feb 24, 2020
Bug in Agda version
View bug-2-6-1.agda
-- Agda version
open import Agda.Builtin.Equality
open import Agda.Builtin.Nat renaming (Nat to ℕ)
open import Agda.Builtin.Sigma
ℕ×ℕ : Set
ℕ×ℕ = Σ ℕ λ _
record Cont : Set where
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