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Test for stop of goflow component with multiple inputs
package test
import (
// component 1
type C1 struct {
In <-chan int
Out chan<- int
func (c *C1) OnIn(i int) {
c.Out<- i
func (c *C1) Finish() {
fmt.Println("Finish c1")
// component 2
type C2 struct {
In1 <-chan int
In2 <- chan int
func (c *C2) OnIn1(i int) {
fmt.Printf("in1: %d\n", i)
func (c *C2) OnIn2(i int) {
fmt.Printf("in2: %d\n", i)
func (c *C2) Finish() {
fmt.Println("Finish c2")
// test
func TestMultiInput(t *testing.T) {
flow.DefaultComponentMode = flow.ComponentModeSync
n := new(flow.Graph) // creates the object in heap
n.InitGraphState() // allocates memory for the graph
// Add processes to the network
n.Add(new(C1), "c1-1")
n.Add(new(C1), "c1-2")
n.Add(new(C2), "c2")
n.Connect("c1-1", "Out", "c2", "In1")
n.Connect("c1-2", "Out", "c2", "In2")
n.MapInPort("In1", "c1-1", "In")
n.MapInPort("In2", "c1-2", "In")
in1 := make(chan int)
in2 := make(chan int)
n.SetInPort("In1", in1)
n.SetInPort("In2", in2)
in1 <- 1
in2 <- 2
in1 <- 3
in2 <- 4
in1 <- 5
select {
case <-n.Wait():
case <-time.NewTimer(time.Second*3).C:
t.Log("Waited 3 seconds for close!")

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lovromazgon commented May 25, 2017

Test output:

in1: 1
in2: 2
in2: 4
in1: 3
in1: 5
Finish c1
Finish c1
	multiinput_test.go:83: Waited 3 seconds for close!

This test shouldn't fail.

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