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Using Ajax to navigate through a Low Events calendar for ExpressionEngine
{!-- events/cal template --}
{if segment_2 == 'cal'}
{if segment_2 != 'cal'}
{exp:low_events:calendar date="{pre_date}"}
<table id="calendar">
<a href="{path='events/{prev_month_url}'}" title="{prev_month format='%F %Y'}">&larr;</a>
<strong>{this_month format="%F %Y"}</strong>
<a href="{path='events/{next_month_url}'}" title="{next_month format='%F %Y'}">&rarr;</a>
<col />
<tr{if is_given_week} class="hilite"{/if}>
<td class="{if is_given} given{/if}{if is_today} today{/if}">
{if is_current}
{if events_on_day}<a href="{path="events/{day_url}"}">{day_number}</a>{if:else}{day_number}{/if}
{!-- events/index template --}
<div id="cal">
<script src="//"></script>
$('#cal').on('click', 'caption a', function(){
$('#cal').load(this.href.replace('events', 'events/cal'));
return false;
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