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Last active Nov 14, 2017
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React Relay pseudo bindings
import { graphql } from 'react-relay'
const query = graphql`
query AppQuery(id: ID!) {
user(id: $id) {
type error = string;
type user = Js.t {. id: string, name: string};
type props = Js.t {. user: user};
type renderProps = Js.t {. error : error, props : Js.null_undefined props};
variables={"id": "1"}
query=[%bs.raw {| require("./__generated__/AppQuery.graphql.js") |}] //You have to precompile your query and use it here, there is a problem with babel and reason bindings, i haven't figured it out yet
fun (renderProps: renderProps) => {
let queryProps = Js.Null_undefined.to_opt renderProps##props;
switch queryProps {
| None => <h1>(ReasonReact.stringToElement "Loading")</h1>
| Some props =>
<h1>(ReasonReact.stringToElement props##user##name)</h1>
type environment;
type graphqlTag;
module QueryRenderer = {
type renderProps 'error 'props = Js.t {. error : 'error, props : 'props};
external queryRenderer : ReasonReact.reactClass =
"QueryRenderer" [@@bs.module "react-relay"];
let make
(type error props)
environment::(environment: environment)
query::(query: graphqlTag)
render::(render: renderProps error props => ReasonReact.reactElement)
variables::(variables: 'variables)
children =>
"environment": environment,
"query": query,
"render": render,
"variables": variables

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@lpalmes lpalmes commented Nov 14, 2017

First you have to run the relay-compiler so it can compile the query inside the App.js file, then you can import it from file, is really ugly, i know, we have to work around the relay compiler and babel plugins

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