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This gist is created for Google Code-In 2018 task "Tutorial 0 - Getting Started with C++ and Qt" of KDE.(

If you are new to C++ or Qt world then this task is designed for you to help you get started.

In this task, you will set up the environment and make and hello world GUI application. (As this tutorial series is to make you familiar with c++ and Qt which is essential to know to contribute to KDE community we recommend you to use Kubuntu or KDE neon but still, you can choose any OS of your choice which supports Qt).


  1. Install IDE of your choice which makes you most comfortable (KDevelop or Qt Creator or any other if you like)
  2. Once you set up the environment you can now start a new project as Qt widget Application.
  3. This application you are supposed to put a simple push button and you can have your favourite text on it. (to know more about push-button click here)
  4. Now we will create a new dialog box which has written our desired text("hello world") which we want to show to the user. (To know more about creating a new dialog box click here)
  5. Now when push-button is pushed/clicked you need to show a new dialogue box which we created.
  6. Attaching some actions to widgets is known as a slot in Qt. Now we need to create a slot for when the button is pushed and in this slot, we will create and show the object of the dialog which will give us our final output. (to know more about push button slots click here)

Submission requirements:

  • GitHub link to your repository of this task
  • Screenshot of running this task

You can refere to this video tutorial series to learn Qt.

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