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Created June 4, 2013 12:15
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source ~/.bash_profile
/path/to/ -reporter json-compilation-database:compile_commands.json clean
/path/to/ -reporter json-compilation-database:compile_commands.json build
oclint-json-compilation-database | sed 's/\(.*\.\m\{1,2\}:[0-9]*:[0-9]*:\)/\1 warning:/'
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ghost commented Dec 21, 2013

Begs the question of what "" is.

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ghost commented Jan 31, 2014

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I needed to define the -scheme argument in order to execute xctool.

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@andresbrun you won't need the -scheme argument if you put it in your .xctool-args file.

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qiuhm commented Jan 12, 2016

My script is xcodebuild -target OCLintSample clean
xcodebuild -target OCLintSample | xcpretty -r json-compilation-database
oclint-json-compilation-database -- -report-type xcode.
But it doesn't work.

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what is ${SRCROOT}

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