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Frequently Used PhpStorm Keyboard Shortcuts

Note: Some of these shortcuts have been remapped for my own convenience (Preferences->Keymap). These are Mac shortcuts, just use the Windows/Linux equivalent of the Cmd/Option/Ctrl/Del keys.

####Search, Go to, Navigation ####

Cmd + P - Search file

Cmd + Shift + O - Search everywhere

(I swapped the above two recently because I use Cmd + P to search for files most of the time).

Cmd + O - Open Class

Cmd + R - Go to Symbol

Cmd + L - Go to Line

Cmd + Shift + E - Navigate recently edited files

Cmd + Up - Navigate Folders (goodbye sidebar)

Cmd + Shift + F - Search for text in a folder or entire project

Cmd + Shift + Del - Go to last edit location (Thanks Laracasts)

IDE Goodness

Cmd + J - Insert Live Template (snippet)

Option + Enter - Show intention actions

Ctrl + T - Refactor This


Cmd + Shift + A - The shortcut to all shortcuts

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