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Export/Import datadog dashboards
# 1. export
curl -X GET "${dash_id}?api_key=${api_key}&application_key=${app_key}" > dash.json
# 2. edit dash.json
move "graphs", "title", "description" up one level in the json hierarchy, from being beneath "dash" to being at the same level
# 3. import
curl -X POST -H "Content-type: application/json" -d @dash.json "${api_key}&application_key=${app_key}"
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cw-tomita commented Mar 22, 2018

Great tips! This was really helpful.

FYI, I found another way to export / import dashboards.
Maybe dashjson is easier but some fields could be missing and might need some patches when you have complicated dashboards.

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mleuthold commented Aug 20, 2018

In case you want to export a dashboard, where "graphs", "title" and "description" is already on the first level, use this command:

curl -X GET "${dash_id}?api_key=${api_key}&application_key=${app_key}" | jq '.dash' > dash.json

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yaozhiqun commented Jun 4, 2019

@mleuthold 👍

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uvesten commented Sep 23, 2019


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