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Manually train an NLTK NaiveBayes Classifier
from nltk.probability import ELEProbDist, FreqDist
from nltk import NaiveBayesClassifier
from collections import defaultdict
train_samples = {
'I hate you and you are a bad person': 'neg',
'I love you and you are a good person': 'pos',
'I fail at everything and I want to kill people' : 'neg',
'I win at everything and I want to love people' : 'pos',
'sad are things are heppening. fml' : 'neg',
'good are things are heppening. gbu' : 'pos',
'I am so poor' : 'neg',
'I am so rich' : 'pos',
'I hate you mommy ! You are my terrible person' : 'neg',
'I love you mommy ! You are my amazing person' : 'pos',
'I want to kill butterflies since they make me sad' : 'neg',
'I want to chase butterflies since they make me happy' : 'pos',
'I want to hurt bunnies' : 'neg',
'I want to hug bunnies' : 'pos',
'You make me frown' : 'neg',
'You make me smile' : 'pos',
test_samples = [
'You are a terrible person and everything you do is bad',
'I love you all and you make me happy',
'I frown whenever I see you in a poor state of mind',
'Finally getting rich from my ideas. They make me smile.',
'My mommy is poor',
'I love butterflies. Yay for happy',
'Everything is fail today and I hate stuff',
def gen_bow(text):
words = text.split()
bow = {}
for word in words:
bow[word.lower()] = True
return bow
def get_labeled_features(samples):
word_freqs = {}
for text, label in train_samples.items():
tokens = text.split()
for token in tokens:
if token not in word_freqs:
word_freqs[token] = {'pos': 0, 'neg': 0}
word_freqs[token][label] += 1
return word_freqs
def get_label_probdist(labeled_features):
label_fd = FreqDist()
for item,counts in labeled_features.items():
for label in ['neg','pos']:
if counts[label] > 0:
label_probdist = ELEProbDist(label_fd)
return label_probdist
def get_feature_probdist(labeled_features):
feature_freqdist = defaultdict(FreqDist)
feature_values = defaultdict(set)
num_samples = len(train_samples) / 2
for token, counts in labeled_features.items():
for label in ['neg','pos']:
feature_freqdist[label, token].inc(True, count=counts[label])
feature_freqdist[label, token].inc(None, num_samples - counts[label])
for item in feature_freqdist.items():
print item[0],item[1]
feature_probdist = {}
for ((label, fname), freqdist) in feature_freqdist.items():
probdist = ELEProbDist(freqdist, bins=len(feature_values[fname]))
feature_probdist[label,fname] = probdist
return feature_probdist
labeled_features = get_labeled_features(train_samples)
label_probdist = get_label_probdist(labeled_features)
feature_probdist = get_feature_probdist(labeled_features)
classifier = NaiveBayesClassifier(label_probdist, feature_probdist)
for sample in test_samples:
print "%s | %s" % (sample, classifier.classify(gen_bow(sample)))
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