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Last active Apr 13, 2020
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Decrypt and format downloaded+gpg encrypted amazon credentials file to ramfile and export to current shell.
set -e
# Usage: source <(aws-set-creds aws-access-keys.example.asc)
out_file=$(mktemp -p /dev/shm/)
creds=$(gpg -d ${in_file} 2>&1)
aws_access_key_id=$(printf "$creds" | tail -n1 | cut -d ',' -f1)
aws_secret_access_key=$(printf "$creds" | tail -n1 | cut -d ',' -f2 | sed -e 's/\r//g' )
export AWS_SHARED_CREDENTIALS_FILE="${out_file}"
aws configure set aws_access_key_id $aws_access_key_id
aws configure set aws_secret_access_key ${aws_secret_access_key}
echo export AWS_SHARED_CREDENTIALS_FILE="${out_file}"
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