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Last active Nov 24, 2015
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Backend Todos

Boxing Elimination

  • Eliminate box-unbox operations, including *Ref boxes #11

Take Heuristics to the next level

  • Details in #53.
  • Also make sure to consider code size #2
  • Adapt the inliner heuristics to favor inlining that enables boxing elimination

Hoisting for eliminating unnecessary captures (outer references)

Eliminate unnecessary module loads

  • remove loads of side-effect free modules #16
  • impacts nullness analysis: module with pure constructor and super constructors is always non-null


  • Check optimizer warnings when compiling various projects #50
  • Null out local variables that are no longer in use #6
  • Some old tests still use -optimize – check why #65

Lower Priority

  • Add constant folding #29
  • Improve line number information #3
  • Remove unnecessary casts #5
  • Inline exception handlers #60
  • Improved store-load elimination #61
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