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A python script to transform <center>![Caption](figs/figure.png)</center> to \centerline{\includegraphics[height=1.5in]{figs/figure.png}} done by guys at This is useful to transform markdown slides written to generate HTML slides, to slides for beamer…
#! /usr/bin/env python
import sys
import re
Usage = """ run with the source file as an argument
capture the output with redirection >
takes a file with image source in <center> tags,
either on 3 lines or one, and reformats to one line
As per the OutString variable"""
if len(sys.argv)<2:
FileName = sys.argv[1]
InFile = open(FileName,'rU')
# this is set up to insert our file name
# match lines starting with center tag, spaces or not, then ![]
# capture the text between the [escaped] parentheses
OneLineSearch = r"<center> *\!\[\] *\((.+)\).*"
OutString = "\centerline{\includegraphics[height=2in]{%s}}"
FoundCenter = False
DeleteNext = False
for RawLine in InFile:
Line = RawLine.rstrip()
if FoundCenter:
## Check if it is a figure tag
# If not, we should print out the center tag and this line..
if Line.strip().startswith(r"![]"):
# This takes the line, splits on open paren, then cuts off last character (close paren)
ImageName = Line.strip().split("(")[1][:-1]
print OutString % (ImageName)
DeleteNext = True
# in this case, we found a center tag in the prior line,
# but not the right one, so print it retroactively
print "<center>\n" + Line
FoundCenter = False
elif Line.strip().startswith("<center>"):
OneLine =,Line)
if OneLine:
ImageName =
print OutString % (ImageName)
FoundCenter = True
elif Line.strip().startswith("</center>"):
if not DeleteNext:
print Line
DeleteNext = False
print Line
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