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jQuery.fn.limitMaxlength = function(options){
var settings = jQuery.extend({
attribute: "maxlength",
onLimit: function(){},
onEdit: function(){}
}, options);
// Event handler to limit the textarea
var onEdit = function(){
var textarea = jQuery(this);
var maxlength = parseInt(textarea.attr(settings.attribute));
if(textarea.val().length > maxlength){
textarea.val(textarea.val().substr(0, maxlength));
// Call the onlimit handler within the scope of the textarea
jQuery.proxy(settings.onLimit, this)();
// Call the onEdit handler within the scope of the textarea
jQuery.proxy(settings.onEdit, this)(maxlength - textarea.val().length);
return this.keyup(onEdit)
.live('input paste', onEdit);
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