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This directive uses the HTML5 drag and drop spec as well as the FileReader to base64 encode the dropped files. This allows for easy client/server transfer via REST protocol.
'use strict';
.directive('fileDropzone', () ->
restrict: 'A'
scope: {
file: '='
fileName: '='
link: (scope, element, attrs) ->
# function to prevent default behavior (browser loading image)
processDragOverOrEnter = (event) ->
event.dataTransfer.effectAllowed = 'copy'
validMimeTypes = attrs.fileDropzone
# if the max file size is provided and the size of dropped file is greater than it,
# it's an invalid file and false is returned
checkSize = (size) ->
if attrs.maxFileSize in [undefined, ''] or (size / 1024) / 1024 < attrs.maxFileSize
alert "File must be smaller than #{attrs.maxFileSize} MB"
isTypeValid = (type) ->
if validMimeTypes in [undefined, ''] or validMimeTypes.indexOf(type) > -1
# return true if no mime types are provided
alert "Invalid file type. File must be one of following types #{validMimeTypes}"
# for dragover and dragenter (IE) we stop the browser from handling the
# event and specify copy as the allowable effect
element.bind 'dragover', processDragOverOrEnter
element.bind 'dragenter', processDragOverOrEnter
# on drop events we stop browser and read the dropped file via the FileReader
# the resulting droped file is bound to the image property of the scope of this directive
element.bind 'drop', (event) ->
reader = new FileReader()
reader.onload = (evt) ->
if checkSize(size) and isTypeValid(type)
scope.$apply ->
scope.file =
scope.fileName = name if angular.isString scope.fileName
file = event.dataTransfer.files[0]
name =
type = file.type
size = file.size
return false

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lsiv568 commented May 21, 2013

Sample Usage:

<div file-dropzone="[image/png, image/jpeg, image/gif]" file="ctrlBoundImage", file-name="ctrlBoundFileName"
         data-max-file-size="3" style="width: 150px; height: 150px; border: 1px solid">
  <span>Drop Background Images Here</span>
  <img ng-src={{ctrlBoundImage}} />

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malino commented Sep 7, 2013

creating a module requires a second argument, in this case, an empty array should do fine.

angular.module('reusableThings', [])


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lsiv568 commented Sep 18, 2013

A copy of this directive can be incorporated into your app via bower install angular-file-dnd

See the repo here:

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