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function testFont(name) {
name = name.replace(/['"<>]/g,'');
var body = document.body,
test = document.createElement('div'),
installed = false,
template =
'<b style="display:inline !important; width:auto !important; font:normal 10px/1 \'X\',sans-serif !important">ii</b>'+
'<b style="display:inline !important; width:auto !important; font:normal 10px/1 \'X\',monospace !important">ii</b>',
if (name) {
test.innerHTML = template.replace(/X/g, name); = 'position: absolute; visibility: hidden; display: block !important';
body.insertBefore(test, body.firstChild);
ab = test.getElementsByTagName('b');
installed = ab[0].offsetWidth === ab[1].offsetWidth;
return installed;

Strange, I seem to be getting off by 1px errors testing for HelveticaNeue-CondensedBold on iOS 5, but it works fine on Chrome on OSX.

I increased the font size to 1000px and the sizes are still off by 1px. I changed the character from ii to ww and then the test works fine. Just a heads up, not sure what's going on.


lsmith commented Mar 25, 2012

Meaning the font is installed, but is reporting that it isn't because the two <b>s are reporting different dims?

That's right, that's what seems to be happening, just on iOS 5.

EDIT: I'll see if I can make a reduced test case. It might possibly be something I'm doing in my CSS that messes it up.

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