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  • More API documentation
  • Better error reporting
  • Nicer error messages in the cli application
  • Explicit validation of the encoder configuration
  • The input Frame type can be expressed
  • Added cargo-fuzz support and documented its usage
  • Better rate-control support
  • Two-pass rate-control support
  • Additional speedups over all the speed levels


  • Tiles are now expressed in linear units (before were log2-units)
  • The for color config enum variants now use the AV1 spec names
  • The C-API is now part of the main repo, use cargo-c to build it
  • send_frame can consume bare Frames
  • Speed preset overhaul and rebalance


  • Invalid encoder settings, that would trigger panics on execution, are now caught on validation phase.
  • Desync caused by a discrepancy of what would be the tile dimension and the loop restoration filter dimension when using certain tile sizes.
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