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Lucas Cavalcanti lucascs

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lucascs / invariants.clj
Last active Mar 29, 2016
Double entry modeling
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(def billing-violations [negative-entries small-minimum-payment prepaid-mutual])
(def loss-violations [credit-loss pre-loss])
(def general-violations [minimum-payment-mutual])
(defn all-violations [balances]
(concat billing-violations loss-violations general-violations))
(s/defn fixing-invariants :- [Entry] [initial-balances :- Balances, new-entries :- [Entry]]
lucascs /
Created Apr 30, 2015
Capitalize java 8
import java.util.Arrays;
public class Capitalize {
public static String capitalize (String x) {
return x.substring(0,1).toUpperCase() + x.substring(1).toLowerCase();
public static void main(String[] args) {
String text = "gabinete do deputado fulando de tal e de dona maria";
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p "Hello World"
public class CidLogicResult extends DefaultLogicResult {
private MutableRequest request;
public CidLogicResult(...., MutableRequest request) {
this.request = request;
lucascs / boleto.clj
Created Feb 26, 2014
Caelum Stella em Clojure
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(ns accounts.adapters.boleto
(:import (
Datas Sacado Emissor Boleto
bancos.Santander transformer.GeradorDeBoleto)))
(defn generate []
(let [datas (-> (Datas/novasDatas)
(.comDocumento 15 2 2014)
(.comProcessamento 15 2 2014)
(.comVencimento 17 2 2014))
lucascs / mapper.rb
Last active Dec 24, 2015
Tire configuration for pt-BR
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class Mapper
def!(options = {})
drop_index! if options[:delete]
Tire.index :index_name do
create :analysis => {
:filter => {
:pt_br_filter => {
:type => :stemmer,
:language => :minimal_portuguese
public class LazyJSONSerialization extends XStreamJSONSerialization {
private SerializerHolder holder;
public LazyJSONSerialization(SerializerHolder holder, HttpServletResponse response, TypeNameExtractor extractor, ProxyInitializer initializer, XStreamBuilder builder) {
super(response, extractor, initializer, builder);
this.holder = holder;
protected SerializerBuilder getSerializer() {
try {
lucascs /
Created Mar 21, 2013
Resource handler para poder fazer: `${linkTo[controllers.MeuController].metodo}` ou `${linkTo[gerenciador.MeuController]}`
@Component // do vraptor
@org.springframework.stereotype.Component("stereotypeHandler") // só se for spring
public class PackageResourceHandler implements StereotypeHandler {
private final Map<String, Class> controllers;
private final Map<String, Class> gerenciador;
public PackageResourceHandler(ServletContext context) {
context.setAttribute("controllers", controllers);
context.setAttribute("gerenciador", gerenciador);
lucascs /
Created Jan 10, 2013
A Routes parser that uses the last package name as the first level of uri: /package/controller/method
public class PackageRoutesParser extends PathAnnotationRoutesParser {
//delegate constructor
public PackageRoutesParser(Router router) {
lucascs /
Created Oct 31, 2012
Redirecting to a ResourceMethod
Result result = //...
ResourceMethod method = //...
Object[] args = //...
Object redirecting = result.redirectTo(method.getResource().getType());
new Mirror().on(redirect).invoke().method(method.getMethod()).withArgs(args);
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