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Last active May 26, 2022 05:23
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Vagrantfile for creating and running an Ubuntu VM with large disk, preconfigured IP address, provisioned Docker and Docker Compose
# -*- mode: ruby -*-
# vi: set ft=ruby :
Vagrant.configure(2) do |config|
# The most common configuration options are documented and commented below.
# For a complete reference, please see the online documentation at
# Every Vagrant development environment requires a box. You can search for
# boxes at
# an alternative to this Ubuntu 14.04 box is the "v0rtex/xenial64" with the 16.04 LTS = "ubuntu/trusty64"
# access a port on your host machine (via localhost) and have all data forwarded to a port on the guest machine. "forwarded_port", guest: 9092, host: 9092
# Create a private network, which allows host-only access to the machine
# using a specific IP. "private_network", ip: ""
#define a larger than default (40GB) disksize
config.disksize.size = '50GB'
config.vm.provider "virtualbox" do |vb| = 'docker-compose-vm'
vb.memory = 4096
vb.cpus = 1
vb.customize ["modifyvm", :id, "--natdnshostresolver1", "on"]
vb.customize ["modifyvm", :id, "--natdnsproxy1", "on"]
# set up Docker in the new VM:
config.vm.provision :docker
# install docker-compose into the VM and run the docker-compose.yml file - if it exists - whenever the VM starts (
config.vm.provision :docker_compose, yml: "/vagrant/docker-compose.yml", run:"always"
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