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PowerPoint Macro to switch language of document to en-CA
Option Explicit
Public Sub ChangeSpellCheckingLanguage()
Dim j As Integer, k As Integer, scount As Integer, fcount As Integer
scount = ActivePresentation.Slides.Count
For j = 1 To scount
fcount = ActivePresentation.Slides(j).Shapes.Count
For k = 1 To fcount
If ActivePresentation.Slides(j).Shapes(k).HasTextFrame Then
' List of available LanguageID values at
ActivePresentation.Slides(j).Shapes(k) _
.TextFrame.TextRange.LanguageID = msoLanguageIDEnglishCanadian
End If
Next k
Next j
End Sub

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@lucasrizoli lucasrizoli commented Feb 23, 2015

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