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Lucas lucastan

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lucastan / JavaScript Class
Last active Feb 22, 2016
Concise discussion on JavaScript class patterns, the whys and don'ts.
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Throughout this article, I will use Java's Object-Oriented Programming terminologies such as static, private and public.

Pattern 1: Self-construction

This pattern exploits scoping to allow for private and public fields and methods. It is named as Self-construction because the class function (or constructor) has to assign instance methods one by one.

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This describes the common mistake with using closures in JavaScript.

A function defines a new environment


function makeCounter()
  var obj = {counter: 0};
lucastan / JavaScript Implicit Boolean
Created Apr 19, 2013
Describes the behavior of implicit boolean conversion in JavaScript
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Implicit Boolean Conversion in JavaScript

Only the following values are considered false:

  • null
  • undefined
  • '' (empty string)
  • 0
  • NaN
  • false