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Last active Sep 2, 2020
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Tinlake Flip
contract DROPJoin is GemJoin {
// the only line modified from GemJoin is the `auth` modifier in the function signature
function join(address usr, uint wad) external auth note {
require(live == 1, "GemJoin/not-live");
require(int(wad) >= 0, "GemJoin/overflow");
vat.slip(ilk, usr, int(wad));
require(gem.transferFrom(msg.sender, address(this), wad), "GemJoin/failed-transfer");
interface RedeemLike {
function redeemOrder(uint, uint) public;
function disburse() public returns (uint, uint);
contract TinlakeFlipper {
RedeemLike public pool;
GemLike public dai;
GemLike public drop;
GemJoinLike public daiJoin;
DROPJoinLike public dropJoin;
uint public tab;
address public vow;
address public usr; // where to send excess DAI raised (back to pool)
function kick(address usr_, address gal, uint256 tab, uint256 lot, uint256 bid)
public auth returns (uint256 id)
vow = gal;
usr = usr_;
vat.flux(ilk, msg.sender, address(this), lot);
dropJoin.exit(address(this), lot);
function take() public {
uint returned, _ = pool.disburse();
if (tab < returned) {
dai.transferFrom(address(this), usr, sub(returned-tab));
returned = tab;
if (tab != 0) {
dai.join(vow, returned);
tab = sub(tab, returned);
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