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Last active Sep 5, 2016
Xcode pre-action: generate Swift FAT file to reduce compilation time, since it's faster to recompile the whole source code in a single file
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> $PROJECT_DIR/merge.swift; find $PROJECT_DIR/ -iname *.swift -not -name merge.swift -exec cat {} >> $PROJECT_DIR/merge.swift \;
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WWDC 2013 - #???: What's new in Foundation Networking
. NSURLConnection, configured through NSURLRequest. Has a global storage for cookies, cache, etc.
. NSURLSession, replaces NSURLConnection, per object configurable.
. Uploads/Downloads through the filesystem. Can be done Out-of-process, but not a regular data request.
. NSURLSessionTask per request, represents the status and progress. Cancel, Suspend, Resume.
. Per session policies: cache, cookies, credentials.
. backgroundSessionConfiguration
. Background Transfers
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void generateMipMaps(CCTexture2D *texture)
if ([[UIScreen mainScreen] scale] > 1)
[texture generateMipmap];
[texture setTexParameters:&texParams];