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mutt: muttrc settings for ProtonMail Bridge
set from=""
set my_user=""
set my_pass="pass"
set ssl_starttls=yes
set smtp_url="smtp://$my_user:$my_pass@"
# workaround for
set imap_authenticators=login
set folder="imap://$my_user:$my_pass@"
set spoolfile="+INBOX"
set trash="+Trash"
set mbox="+Received"
set move=no
set record="+Sent"
set copy=no
set postponed="+Drafts"
set postpone=yes
unset imap_passive
set mail_check=20 # seconds
set timeout=10 # seconds
set imap_check_subscribed=yes
# Sidebar
set sidebar_visible=yes
set sidebar_short_path=yes
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