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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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<?xml version="1.1"?>
<!DOCTYPE smil PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD SMIL 3.0 Language//EN"
<smil xmlns="" version="3.0" baseProfile="Language">
<root-layout width="150" height="200"/>
<region xml:id="b" left="0" width="150" top="0" height="150" backgroundColor="purple"/>
<region xml:id="t" left="0" width="150" top="150" height="50"/>
<brush xml:id="b1" region="b" dur="15s" color="yellow" top="0" left="0" width="50" height="50"/>
<animateMotion begin="3s" dur="9s" fill="freeze" targetElement="b1" values="0,100;50,100;100,100" calcMode="discrete"/>
<text region="t" dur="3s" src="data:,3%20sec%20top-left"/>
<text region="t" dur="3s" src="data:,3%20sec%20bottom-left"/>
<text region="t" dur="3s" src="data:,3%20sec%20bottom-middle"/>
<text region="t" dur="6s" src="data:,6%20sec%20bottom-right"/>
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