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Building better apps, one commit at a time

Ludovic Dine ludwigdn

Building better apps, one commit at a time
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Last active Sep 15, 2021
Git worktrees cheatsheet

Git worktrees cheatsheet

Create new worktree from existing branch

git worktree add <WORKTREE-PATH> <BRANCH>

Create new branch and its worktree

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GPG Cheatsheet

Generate a key

gpg --full-generate-key

List keys

gpg —list-keys
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Unview Pull Request files in bulk

Copy/paste in browser's console
boxes=document.getElementsByClassName("js-reviewed-checkbox"),counter=0;for(let e=0;e<boxes.length;e++){const t=boxes[e];"File viewed, click, value:true"==t.dataset.gaClick&&(,counter++)}alert("Unfolded "+counter);
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Command line MD5 checker

echo "MY_MD5_SUM_TO_CHECK" | md5sum -c -