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Vault Aliases for CQ5 builds
# The purpose of the aliases was to make it easier to map to the correct jcr file in my local Git repo
# and hit the correct server (in my case on port 4503). The only value I could not add as an alias was
# vlt add <directory> since that is a manual process, but the "vhelp" is designed to alert you to that.
# Feel free to modify any alias to suit your needs (especially the vhelp)
alias jcr='cd ~/Documents/Git/CQ5/ui/src/main/content/jcr_root/'
alias vco='vlt --credentials admin:admin co --force http://localhost:4503/crx'
alias vstatus='vlt st'
alias vcommit='vlt commit --force'
alias vhelp='echo "Type jcr to cd to Git directory then vco to checkout"; echo "After checkout run vstatus to view files to be added"; echo "vlt add then the files listed and then run vcommit"; echo "Finally run the git commands to move the code to github"'
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