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Forked from jdbdnz/
Created October 24, 2019 00:20
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Limit FontAwesome to just those Glyphs I want to use
# Open font in [fontforge]( (FontAwesome's [fa-solid-900.woff]( in my case)
# So you can see what you're doing: Menu > Encoding > Compact
# ctrl+a to select all glyphs
# ctrl+. should open Execute Script
# Ensure desiredGlyphNames includes all glyphs used in app
desiredGlyphNames = ["caret-down", "caret-up", "chart-bar", "check", "chevron-down", "clipboard-list", "comments", "expand", "filter", "flask", "images", "info-circle", "layer-group", "redo", "ruler", "ruler-horizontal", "ruler-vertical", "sort-amount-down", "star", "table", "tag", "users", "video"]
font = fontforge.activeFont()
for glyph in list(font.selection.byGlyphs):
glyphNotUsed = glyph.glyphname not in desiredGlyphNames
if glyphNotUsed:
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