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Save & load from a pandas DataFrame/Series
import numpy.lib
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import cPickle as pickle
def save_pandas(fname, data):
'''Save DataFrame or Series
fname : str
filename to use
data: Pandas DataFrame or Series
''', 'w'), data)
if len(data.shape) == 2:
meta = data.index,data.columns
elif len(data.shape) == 1:
meta = (data.index,)
raise ValueError('save_pandas: Cannot save this type')
s = pickle.dumps(meta)
s = s.encode('string_escape')
with open(fname, 'a') as f:, 2)
def load_pandas(fname, mmap_mode='r'):
'''Load DataFrame or Series
fname : str
mmap_mode : str, optional
Same as numpy.load option
values = np.load(fname, mmap_mode=mmap_mode)
with open(fname) as f:
numpy.lib.format.read_array_header_1_0(f)*values.size, 1)
meta = pickle.loads(f.readline().decode('string_escape'))
if len(meta) == 2:
return pd.DataFrame(values, index=meta[0], columns=meta[1])
elif len(meta) == 1:
return pd.Series(values, index=meta[0])
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