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Created February 14, 2011 20:41
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git gist
// Clone just one branch
mkdir $BRANCH
git init
git remote add -t $BRANCH -f origin $REMOTE_REPO
git checkout $BRANCH
// Aliases and stuff
git config --global "Luis Uribe"
git config --global
git config --global color.ui true
alias ga='git add'
alias gp='git push'
alias gl='git log'
alias gs='git status'
alias gd='git diff'
alias gdc='git diff --cached'
alias gm='git commit -m'
alias gma='git commit -am'
alias gb='git branch'
alias gc='git checkout'
alias gra='git remote add'
alias grr='git remote rm'
alias gpu='git pull'
alias gcl='git clone'
Copy link {
display: hidden;
.start-dates {
display:none !important;
#date-and-time {
display:none !important;

.check {
display:none !important;

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