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Last active February 21, 2024 16:26
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macOS Monterey Keyboard Shortcuts Leveraging the Fn Key
Shortcut Description Overridable?1
Fn-A Navigate Dock No
Fn-Shift-A Launchpad No
Fn-C Control Center No
Fn-E Emoji & Symbols Yes
Fn-F Enter/Exit Full Screen Yes
Fn-H Desktop No
Fn-M Navigate Main Menu Yes
Fn-N Notifications No
Fn-Q Quick Note Yes
Fn-Delete Forward Delete
Fn-Up/Down Arrow Page Up/Page Down
Fn-Left/Right Arrow Home/End


  1. Specifies whether the Fn shortcut can be overridden with a custom main menu item.

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Added information about the overridability of the Fn shortcuts.

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