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@lukaszlew lukaszlew/Closed.hs
Last active Jan 19, 2019

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Another exposition of Edward's "Closed kinds aren't as closed as you'd think"
{-# language TypeApplications #-}
{-# language TypeFamilies #-}
{-# language FlexibleInstances #-}
{-# language ScopedTypeVariables #-}
data Unit = U
class C (k :: Unit) where
get :: Int
instance C 'U where
get = 0
-- this can be defined already here
standaloneGet :: forall (t :: Unit) . C t => Int
standaloneGet = get @t
-- the problematic 'matchable' type family
type family Succ :: Unit -> Unit
-- Note that this is different:
type family Succ1 (x :: Unit) :: Unit
instance C (f 'U) where
get = 1
results :: [Int]
results = [get @'U, get @(Succ 'U)]
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