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Last active Jun 11, 2020
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  • dropping not null constraint on table with 800k rows, approx 35 columns: 32ms (8 core / 16 G RAM mbp)
  • counting table with 5.1M records: 42s (on heroku)
  • adding index on column, all values NULL: 42s (on heroku)
  • adding index concurrently on updated_at column, about 17M rows, aptible postgres ~800 IOPS: 455.8086s
  • adding index concurrently on 3 cols, item_type, event_type, updated_at, ~70M rows: 1.5hours
  • removing index concurrently, one index, table about 20M rows: 80s
  • adding index concurrently on 2 cols, banking_system_id (string, non-fk), platform (string), ~30M rows, about 3k IOPS: ~35 mins
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