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Ember, Rails & Mobile at Yapp (Remote)

Ember, Rails & Mobile at Yapp (Remote)

Yapp is hiring a “full-stack” engineer, with key skills Ember.js & Rails. Join our small, talented team and do the best work of your career!

If you are passionate about your craft and want a chance to work remotely with a great team where you can influence the technology, process, product, and culture, read on!

About Yapp

We enable non-developers to create mobile apps for conference, trainings and employee communications. Yapp combines clean design, simple UX, and innovative mobile technology to empower people that may lack technical and design know-how, or just don't have time, to create and publish these apps in minutes.

Our Technology & Process

While we make it look easy for regular folks to make an app, Yapp is powered by some cutting-edge technology. Some of the tools we're using include Rails, Ember.js, Cordova, Objective-C, Java (Android), Heroku & AWS, Postgres, and Redis.

Open source is an important part of our tech culture. We maintain some of the most popular addons in the Ember ecosystem, and have commits in Ember and Rails.

We are students of agile and lean software development. We use daily standups, weekly sprints, and monthly all-hands retrospectives. We do pair programming and TDD where they help, which is most of the time. We develop on short-lived feature branches, deploy continuously to our QA environment and often ship to production multiple times a day. We place a premium on honesty and integrity amongst ourselves, and our partners and customers; collaborate often but have meetings infrequently. For the long version of how we think about technology teams, you can check out a talk Luke gave a while back at Gotham Ruby Conference:

Who We're Looking For

We're looking for a product-oriented engineer who enjoys working on all parts of the stack, driven by the goal of creating world-class user experiences. We know that the number of technologies we work with is can be daunting, and we don’t expect a candidate to join Yapp having experience in all of them. Ideally, you would bring strong experience in some of these tools and interest in the others.

Ideally, you will be someone who is an excellent communicator in writing and speech. In addition to strong technical skills, you will also care deeply about crafting intuitive user experiences. Yapp is a fun product to work on, and we want to find a teammate who enjoys getting excited about his or her work, and will both stoke the team’s enthusiasm as well as feed off of it. You’ll be someone with the right self-discipline for remote work, and someone who enjoys wearing multiple hats and having a varied set of challenges in your work.

Reasons You Might (and Might Not) Want to Join Our Team

We’re a mostly bootstrapped software-as-a-service business whose revenue comes directly from customers who pay for the software that you’ll help create. If you haven’t worked in this kind of environment before, there is a good chance you will you find that it is a healthier and more satisfying professional dynamic than other software development jobs, especially IT roles, consulting, advertising-driven models, and VC-backed go-big-or-go-home binary-outcome companies.

We’re a scrappy team that has found our initial product market fit and is pushing to the next level. There is not much extra cash for perks, parties, or free meals, but our salaries are competitive and we work at a sustainable pace. We enjoy the freedom that being a remote team provides, and value having a rich life outside of work. We happen to all be parents (not a requirement!), and we know that the key moments of your kids childhoods aren’t something you can catch up on later.

You will matter at Yapp, in a big way. As one of three engineers, you will help shape the technical roadmap of the company from Day 1. What we lack in formal mentorship programs, we make up for in the informal learning that comes from working directly with our CTO day-to-day and absorbing the lessons of his twenty year career, and from a technical culture where the concepts and execution are the focus, not who had the idea or who wrote the code.

Essential Details

Compensation is Salary + Equity, competitive and dependent on experience. We offer health insurance, 401K, and FSA. We are a remote team. U.S. Citizens preferred due to HR logistics, but we may have some flexibility for an exceptional candidate.

What Other People Have Said

“This is a heck of an opportunity, Luke is awesome to work with and a wonderful teacher” - @rwjblue (Robert Jackson, Ember Core Team)

“Looking for an awesome gig? I had the pleasure to work with @lukemelia and would highly recommend it! (@Yapp is hiring)” - @stefanpenner (Stefan Penner, Ember Core Team)

“I had the opportunity to work for Luke while at weplay and it was one of the highlights of my career.” - Josh Knowles (now Managing Director, Pivotal)

“Working for Luke was the most rewarding part of my career as a software developer.“ - Lee Bankewitz (now Senior VP Engineering, Movable Ink)

“I worked for Luke for 3 years at Weplay, and I consider those years to be the most productive and interesting of my professional career.” - Noah Davis (now co-founder Code Climate)

“I’d work for @lukemelia in a heartbeat. Don’t be silly, get on this.” @tehviking (Brandon Hays, Dad jokes and so much more)

How Do I Apply?

Please contact Luke Melia, (CTO and co-founder) at and tell us why you might be the awesome third engineer we are looking for. Include a resume or LinkedIn URL as well as a link to your GitHub profile. If you’d like, you can message him as “lukemelia” on the Ember.js Community Slack or on Twitter with questions or to introduce yourself. No calls, no recruiters. All contact will be kept confidential.

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